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Volunteering Policy



Volunteering Policy


Volunteering is the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community: the environment of individuals outside one’s immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice without concern for financial gain.


The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun believes in the value of voluntary activity as an important expression of citizenship and an essential component of a free and democratic society. This volunteer policy sets out the principles and practice by which we involve volunteers and is relevant to staff, volunteers and Directors within the organisation. It aims to create a common understanding and to clarify roles and responsibilities to ensure the highest standards are maintained in relation to the management of volunteers. The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun takes responsibility for ensuring that volunteers within its own organisation are appropriately involved, valued for their contribution and respected as colleagues. The organisation recognises the important contribution that volunteers make to us. We believe that we should invest in our volunteers. To this end, we shall provide regular and on-going support, supervision and training, to enable volunteers to develop their skills, both in order to enhance their volunteering work with us and to help them contribute to the wider community.


In issuing this volunteer policy The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun


  •  Formally acknowledge and support the role of volunteers in its work


  •  Set out the principles governing the involvement of volunteers and provide a set of guidelines to ensure good practice in working with volunteers


  •  Encourage and enable, rather than restrict, the involvement of volunteers.


This volunteer policy is intended for use by The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun paid staff and volunteers.


Our commitments 


We recognise volunteers as an integral part of the organisation. Their contribution supports our mission and strategic aims.  We aim to encourage and support volunteer involvement to ensure that volunteering benefits the organisation, the public and the volunteers themselves. 


We are committed to offering a flexible range of opportunities and to encouraging a diversity of people to volunteer with us, including those from under-represented groups.


We recognise that there are costs associated with volunteer involvement and will seek to ensure adequate financial resources are available for the development and support of volunteering. 


We recognise that people have a right to participate in the life of their communities through volunteering and can contribute in many ways. 


Who is a volunteer? 


Volunteers are individuals who undertake activity on behalf of our organisation, unpaid and of their own free choice. Volunteering is not undertaken for financial gain. 


Standards of good practice 


Our management practice is informed by the Code of Practice for organisations involving volunteers and the Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard for volunteer management. 


Roles and responsibilities 


All directors have responsibility for the development and co-ordination of voluntary activity within the organisation, including volunteering policies and procedures and the welfare of volunteers.


All volunteers will have a designated staff member /volunteer for guidance, support and supervision. 


The volunteer role is based on trust and mutual understanding. There is no enforceable obligation, contractual or otherwise, for the volunteer to attend or to undertake particular tasks or for the organisation to provide continuing opportunities for voluntary involvement, provision of training or benefits.


However, there is a presumption of mutual support and reliability. Reciprocal expectations are acknowledged – both of what the organisation expects of volunteers and what volunteers expect of the organisation. 


The organisation expects volunteers:


  • to be reliable and honest

  • to uphold the organisation’s values and comply with organisational policies

  • to make the most of opportunities given, eg. for training 

  • to contribute positively to the aims of the organisation and avoid bringing the organisation into disrepute

  • to carry out tasks within agreed guidelines 


Volunteers can expect: 


  • to have clear information about what is and is not expected of them

  • to receive adequate support and training

  • to be insured and to volunteer in a safe environment 

  • to be treated with respect and in a non-discriminatory manner

  • to receive out of pocket expenses 

  • to have opportunities for personal development 

  • to be recognised and appreciated

  • to be able to say ‘no’ to anything which they consider to be unrealistic or unreasonable

  • to know what to do if something goes wrong


Volunteer Policy Statement


Equality and Diversity


  • As an engager of volunteers The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun is committed to a policy of equality and diversity. This principle will apply to service delivery, recruitment, promotion, training, facilities, procedures and all terms and conditions.


  • Volunteers will be expected to adhere to The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun  Equality and Diversity Policy, a copy of which can be found within the Friends of Parc Nant y Waun Volunteer Handbook. 


Recruitment & Selection


  • Recruitment of volunteers will be from all sections of the community, and will be in line with our Equality and Diversity Policy. 


  • Opportunities will be widely promoted so as to attract interest from different sectors of the community. 


  • Information will be made available to those enquiring about volunteering, including written role descriptions, when required, which set out the nature and purpose of the volunteering role, key tasks, skills required and benefits.


  • For roles which involve care giving and/or sustained and direct contact with young

people or adults at risk, volunteers will be required to have a full DBS disclosure check

which will be arranged by the organisation. DBS disclosures are dealt with in the

strictest confidence. A criminal record is not necessarily a bar to volunteering.


Information & Training


  • Volunteers will be given a clear idea of their responsibilities to The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun.


  • Volunteers will be given an induction and training in the specific tasks to be undertaken.


  • Volunteers will be consulted on their suitability for the tasks.


Support & Supervision


  • Volunteers will be assigned a named contact person for supervision and support. 


  • Arrangements vary according to the volunteer and the role undertaken, and may include telephone support, group meetings or one to one reviews.




  • The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun recognises that problems do arise and we aim to identify and resolve these problems at the earliest stage. Volunteers who have a problem of any kind should discuss it in the first instance with their named contact person. 


  • We will attempt to deal with any problems informally and at the earliest opportunity. All

volunteers will have a named person to whom they can turn in the case of any difficulty. 


  • Where informal resolution is not possible, the organisation’s volunteers will be made aware of the organisation’s complaints policy and how to use it. 


  • They will also be made aware of how inappropriate behaviour by volunteers will be

addressed by the organisation.




  • Volunteers will be expected to respect the confidentiality of the organisation.


Expenses & Insurance


  • The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun will ensure that there is a clear and accessible system to enable volunteers to claim out of pocket expenses.


  • Volunteers will be adequately covered by insurance while carrying out agreed duties.


Health and Safety


  • All volunteers are covered by the same health and safety policies and provisions as staff.


  • A risk assessment will be undertaken on all volunteer roles.


  • The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun recognises the need for training for all those working alongside and managing volunteers.




  • Volunteers will be given the opportunity, where relevant, to share their views and

opinions with the organisation's wider staff, at staff meetings etc.


  • Formal recognition of the contribution of volunteers is expressed through annual

reports, website articles, social media, and during Volunteers’ Week award



Monitoring & Evaluation


  • The Friends of Parc Nant y Waun will systemically monitor and evaluate its involvement of volunteers with reference to this Volunteering Policy.

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