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Joanne Bartlett
Look out for the young people and volunteers on The Friday project every Friday morning. They have built a worm farm, cleared pathways, planted seeds and bulbs and dug out the letters PNYW to be covered shortly with colour.
Also during the Summer we will have our annual Fishing Project open to everyone including mums and dads, grandparents, friends and neighbours. Come and have a go and see how many fish you can catch!!

Gordon Youd 9th November 2011 This place is fantastic and has come a long way since 2006 when I was last there. The only thing I would have liked to see is more woodlands planted
I don't mean those ugly pines everyone plants, give me the ancient woodlands any day.

India Moon 25th January 2011
This is excellent, I am off to the park tomorrow for walk and look around. The story of the swans was great, maybe you should have a boat of sorts in case this happens again. I have also found the RSPCA do not keep to their word and in the end you have to deal with the problem yourself.
I will be in touch as I would be very interested in joining your crew!

Josh Bowers 6th June 2010 Good time down there fishing, it became a much better pond since they have done it up

Ann 17th March 2009
I have recently moved into Warwick Road, and am delighted to live in such a beautiful area. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the excellent work that has been done on Parc Nant y Waun.

Vivienne Roberts 8th September 2008
We all really enjoyed the walk on Sunday. It was a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the scenery and raise funds for a well deserving charity - well done to all who helped make it such a success!

Leonie 6th April 2008
Well done! What a wonderful project for the community, and the environment. Nice photos, Mum! We are glad to see you have something worthwhile to keep you and Jim out of mischief!
Love, Leonie and family in sunny Florida.

Jeff Williams 14th October 2007
On behalf of your near neighbours at Beaufort Hill Woodlands, I would like to congratulate you on your well-deserved community award at the recent Blaenau Gwent Environmental 2007 Award ceremony and also your excellent opening Event last month, well done !!

Philip Diggins 19th July 2007
As Temporary Chair of the Safety Advisory Group for this area, I congratulate the organisers and Friends for providing such a facility, not just for the people of the local area, but for all near and far. Wishing you success with your planned events and remember "Safety is everything"

Andrew Hurter 12th February 2007
This project is very good news for Brynmawr and surrounding areas. A more outdoor lifestyle, with the health benefits this brings is something to be encouraged among all members of the community, young and not so young! Well done to everyone involved.

J Francis 5th October 2006
I read about your project in the South Wales Argus. It's really heartening to hear of people willing to put so much effort into their community. For once it sounds like a real success for the collaborative working we're all encouraged into these days. Can't wait to see the addition of the bridge!

Thomas Phipps 16th January 2006
This sounds like a good idea. Perhaps something for the youth of the area too. I know a lot of people will say young people will destroy new things placed on the land, but if we get involved it will be something for us to be proud of too!

Sue Ball 9th September 2005
This is an overgrown and disused area begging for re-development .... and the Friends of Parc Nant-Y-Waun are the ones to do it! Good luck with your plans ... whatever you decide it can only be a great improvment. Go for it!

Martyn Davies
I've got a lot of fond memories of the Machine Pond area, I'm thrilled at the plans you guys have for it. Good luck

Robert Ball
As a member of the group, the project is very exciting and will enhance the area. The plans will encourage residents and visitors to use

the area.

Sara Mehlhopt
It would be great to have an area where families with young children could walk in safety.

Claire Wilson
This project would definitely enhance this area. Good luck.

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