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Health and Safety Policy

Statement of intent

It is our policy to provide a safe working environment in accordance with statutory requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all allied relevant legislation.

We will provide an accident book for the recording of all accidents

The supervision and care of children on the site will be the responsibility of their parent, guardian, or teacher.

Our health and safety policy is to:

  • Prevent accidents

  • Manage health and safety risks

  • Provide clear instructions, information and adequate training to ensure that employees and volunteers are competent to do their work

  • Provide personal protective equipment

  • Provide and maintain safe equipment and machinery 

  • Implement emergency procedures including evacuation in case of fire or other significant incidents

  • Review and revise this policy annually

Responsibilities for health and safety

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of Parc Nant y Waun, its volunteers and staff to implement this policy.

Staff and volunteers leading on activities should complete a risk assessment and mitigate any risk prior to starting activities. 

Arrangements for health and safety

The Board of Directors will ensure that public liability is in place and renewed annually

A risk assessment will be completed prior to any activity being started

All equipment will be checked before and after use

A qualified First Aider will be present during activities

Staff and volunteers will be given an induction before participating in any activities on the Parc

Public Safety awareness signs will be displayed on the Parc

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