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Development of the Parc - Page 2

The Picnic Area
The Picnic Area is located adjacent to the Victorian Style Bridge and work started on the Picnic area in August 2007 when the first soil was cut. The area was flattened out and

stone tables and benches were installed. The are provides a good view of the Machine Pond and down to part of the Ebbw Fach Valley.

Entrance Features to the Parc.

The Open Air Classroom Car Park.
In August 2007, work began on the first entrance feature near the Open Air Classroom at South Bank, Beaufort. The contractors made excellent progress on the building of the stone walls. The Steel gates were manufactured - the designs based upon ideas from local school children. - the first five photos
In June of the following year, the third and last set of entrance gates were installed here, these were different from the others, incorporating a very attractive design by year 9 pupils at Brynmawr Comprehensive.
In April 2008 two other entrance gates were installed. the first at the Beaufort end of the Parc, and a second gate was installed at the car Park near Winchestown.

Information Panels
In May 2008, Information Panels, designed by Artmatters, were erected. Ona at the entrance to the Outdoor classroom, the other in Warwick Road.

We were very proud to have them there, and hoped that they give everyone who stops to read them a great deal of pleasure.

The Trim Trail
The Trim Trail consists of four Workstations, two located on the pathway between Winchestown and Beaufort, and the other two on the cycle path between Warwick Road and Beaufort.

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