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Environmental Policy 


FRIENDS OF PARC NANT-Y-WAUN, its volunteers and employees have a duty to act responsibly towards volunteers, staff, suppliers and the public with regard to the effect that operations may have on the environment and will endeavour to achieve its responsibilities through the following objectives:

Energy Consumption

  • All new electrical items that are purchased will be chosen for energy efficiency wherever possible.

  • Ensure proper maintenance of all equipment to ensure efficiency.

  • When considering constructing a new building or the renovation of an older property we will ensure low energy usage.



  • All car usage is private, however we will ensure that any vehicles hired are able to operate on either unleaded petrol or diesel.

  • Staff and volunteers will always work towards reducing fuel consumption by combining journeys to sites via planning and vehicle sharing.

Natural Environment and Nature

  • We will not purchase tropical hardwoods from unsustainable sources and will instead use local grown hardwoods where available or wood from sustainable temperate sources.

  • Provide new wildlife habitats for example through the management of the new and mature woodlands, the ground and the water bodies.


  • The Organisation will adopt a basic strategy of reducing, re-using and re-cycling waste, general waste will be disposed of through the domestic waste stream.  

  • Promote good practice with regard to recycling and composting, not throwing away anything that can be re-used.

  • All waste paper, glass, metal and polythene will be sorted and recycled.

  • All electrical products to be disposed of as commercial waste and a waste note obtained. 

  • All used photocopy toners will be returned to the supplier and a waste note obtained.

  • All batteries of a domestic type will be recycled through the local supermarket

Office and Work Practices

  • All cleaning products will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • Appropriate machinery and/or tools are to be used for all jobs, because of safety and to minimize the impact on the landscape.

  • All opportunities will be taken to recycle.

Policy Implementation

  • An environmental audit will be carried out annually to monitor where changes to our environmental practices are required.  After which the relevant course of action will then be implemented to achieve the required standards.

  • All staff will be issued with a copy of the course of action that they need to take and be encouraged to implement the proposals within their daily working activities and areas of influence.

  • It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure adequate training of staff and volunteers to enable implementation of the above policy aims.

  • All staff and volunteers are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of this policy are carried out in their area of work.

  • We will promote sustainable development and environmental awareness through events. Website, social media, Newsletter and ongoing management of the Woodlands and Ponds

Fair Trade Policy

FRIENDS OF PARC NANT-Y-WAUN is committed to making Fair Trade an integral part of their business practice. We confirm that:

  • We will support, promote and use Fair Trade

  • Staff and volunteers understand the meaning of Fair Trade, recognise the benefits that it brings to producers and are aware of the range of Fairtrade products available

  • Staff and volunteers have access to Fairtrade refreshments such as tea, coffee and snacks

  • Whenever possible Fairtrade tea and coffee will be available in meetings and offered to visitors

  • Communications materials (promotional materials including website, leaflets, menu, annual report and in-house publications) run a feature on Fair Trade

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