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The Friends of Parc Nant-y-Waun

The "Friends of Parc Nant-Y-Waun" is a newly formed company limited by guarantee, it was incorporated on the 12th July 2005 and is managed on behalf of its members by a board of directors.
We were granted a licence to manage the land from Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council with whom we work closely.
Initiated some time ago by Nantyglo Communities First, a number of public meetings were held. Leaflet drops and consultation excercises were carried out which led to a group of volunteers deciding to form a Company with the aim of improving and enhancing the area. This enabled us to use their expertise and guidance to carry out the work.

With the improvements well under way, there were lots of tasks to carry out and we wanted active volunteers to become "Friends of Parc Nant-Y-Waun". There was a small joining fee of £1 to cover the cost of a membership card but we were not looking for money, but the members time. We wanted people who were prepared to take an active part in improving and enhancing the site. Membership was open to anyone over 18 years of age and subject to the Memorandom and Articles of the Company.

Our Aims
1) The aims and objectives of the Company are to promote and environmentally enhance the area on behalf of the surrounding communities.
2) To promote nature conservation, bio-diversity and accessibility to green spaces through active participation.
3) To advance the education of the public in subjects related to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitaion of the environment.
4) To reduce feelings of exclusion by providing opportunities for education, social and recreational activities and fostering well-being and social cohesion regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity.
5) To conserve and promote the local heritage and encourage tourism to the area

The main criteria for membership is a desire to improve and manage what is already a beautiful area of land.
If you would like to get involved in this exciting project by becoming a member or "Friend" of Parc Nant-Y-Waun please contact any of the directors mentioned. If not we would hope that you will still visit the park and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Members are entitled to a vote at all General Meetings and at the AGM where officers are elected.

Our Directors
There are currently 10 directors who represent a cross section of the community, all of whom are volunteers. We have an elected Company Secretary, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Minute Secretary.

The Officers as at July 2020

Nicholas BESWICK (Company Secretary)

Marjorie MOORE (Chairman
Matthew MORGAN (Vice-chairman)

Lyndon MOORE
Judith WARD





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